How to play Lucky Jet, how the game works and what strategies to use

The online game Lucky Jet is an exciting gambling project that will appeal to fans of crash games. Even if you have not been interested in this genre before due to complexity or lack of an interesting plot, Lucky Jet will become your new favorite entertainment. Players are offered to place a bet and follow the journey of brave Lucky Joe. With each level, your winning odds increase, but so does the risk that your bet will disappear along with Joe. Victory comes at the moment when your intuition tells you that it's time to cash out your winnings. The game is available online both for playing with real money and for a trial mode that allows you to test the exciting gameplay without the risk of losing funds. Remember to trust your intuition and not miss the moment to increase your winnings!

Advantages and disadvantages of playing Lucky Jet

The main advantages of playing Lucky Jet:

  1. Simple rules: The game in Lucky Jet is very simple and easily understandable even for beginners. You only need to place a bet and watch Lucky Joe's flight.
  2. Exciting gameplay: Watching the odds increase during the flight can be an exciting and thrilling experience.
  3. Possibility of high payouts: With a lucky set of circumstances and the right time to cash out, you can get a significant win.

Disadvantages of playing Lucky Jet:

  1. Risk of losing bets: As with any gambling game, there is a risk of losing your bets. It is necessary to play responsibly and control your finances.
  2. Dependence on luck: The gameplay in Lucky Jet is based on luck, and it is not always possible to predict the result of Lucky Joe's flight.
  3. Possibility of gambling addiction: As with any gambling games, participation in the game can lead to gambling addiction. It is necessary to play responsibly and set limits for yourself.

How winnings and multipliers are calculated in Lucky Jet

Winnings in the Lucky Jet game are determined by multiplying your initial bet by the multiplier that was obtained at the moment of cashing out before Lucky Joe's flight began.

The range of possible multipliers in Lucky Jet can be very diverse, ranging from quite low (for example, 1.2x) to very high (for example, 100x and above). What multiplier will be applied to your bet depends on a random factor and is practically impossible to predict in advance.

What influences the results and the size of the multiplier

  1. Random factor: Determining the size of the multiplier is based on randomness, which means that the result of Lucky Joe's flight cannot be predicted in advance.
  2. Time of cashing out: It is important to guess the moment when the bet needs to be cashed out, as the multiplier will be fixed at that moment and will no longer change.
  3. Luck: As in most gambling games, luck plays a huge role in determining your winnings. There are no guarantees of a high multiplier, but with a lucky set of circumstances, it can be significantly high.

Step-by-step guide to playing Lucky Jet

  1. Replenishing the account:
  •  Go to the 1Win website or app. If you are a beginner, first register - it's quick and easy.
  • Find the Deposit section and choose a convenient payment method: bank card, electronic wallets - 1Win offers many options.
  • Enter the amount you want to deposit into your account and follow the instructions to complete the transaction. 
  1. Placing bets:
  •  Find Lucky Jet in the list of games.
  •  Choose the bet size and click the Confirm Bet button.
  • Wait for the round to start - when bets on Lucky Joe's flight become available. 
  •  Click the Cash Out button to fix your bet and start the game.
  1. Lucky Joe's flight:
  •  Lucky Joe takes off! Your multiplier will be determined randomly and applied to your bet. 
  •  When the flight ends, you will see your winnings: your initial bet multiplied by the multiplier. 
  1. Withdrawing winnings:
  • Go to the Withdrawal section.
  • Choose a convenient withdrawal method: bank card, electronic wallets - the choice is yours!
  •  Specify the amount you want to withdraw and follow the instructions to complete the operation.

Useful features available in the Lucky Jet game


Auto-betting in the Lucky Jet online game allows players to automatically place bets on game rounds without the need to manually enter them. The player can set certain parameters for auto-betting, such as the bet amount, number of bets, bet types, etc. Then the system will automatically place bets in accordance with the specified parameters. This is convenient for players who want to participate in the game but are temporarily absent or cannot constantly monitor the development of the game.


Auto-withdrawal in the Lucky Jet online game allows players to automatically withdraw their winnings without the need for a manual withdrawal request. The player can set certain parameters for auto-withdrawal, such as the minimum withdrawal amount, frequency of auto-withdrawal, and withdrawal method. Then the system will automatically withdraw funds to the account specified by the player in accordance with the set parameters. This is convenient for players who want to instantly receive their winnings without spending time on constant withdrawal requests.

Playing Lucky Jet on mobile devices

Step-by-step instructions for playing Lucky Jet on mobile devices:

  1. Getting access to the mobile version:
  • Open a browser on your mobile device (smartphone or tablet).
  • In the address bar, enter 1Win and download the official mobile app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  1. Registration or logging into an account:
  • If you already have an account, enter your credentials (login and password) to log in. If not, register by following the on-screen instructions.
  1. Replenishing the account and placing bets:
  • After logging into your account, go to the Deposit section.
  • Choose a payment method.
  • Go to the games section, find the Lucky Jet game, and choose the size of your bet.
  • Confirm the bet and wait for Joe's flight to start.
  1. Playing Lucky Jet:
  • As soon as you are satisfied with the odds, click the Cash Out button to have time to take the winnings.
  • Watch Lucky Joe's flight and the winning multiplier.
  • After the flight ends, you will see your winnings, which will be displayed on the screen.
  1. Withdrawing funds:
  • If you have a win, go to the Withdrawal section.
  • Choose the desired withdrawal method and enter the amount to withdraw.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the withdrawal process.

Now you know how to play Lucky Jet on your mobile device.

Lucky Jet game strategies

Double bet

The double bet strategy is often used in gambling, sports betting, and other types of gambling entertainment. The main idea is to reduce risks and increase the probability of winning by placing two bets with different odds.

The double bet strategy in Lucky Jet is a betting strategy in which a player makes two bets on the same round of the game, one with the aim of quickly obtaining a small profit, and the second with the aim of obtaining a large win if the round lasts long enough.

2:1 Strategy

The 2:1 strategy in the Lucky Jet crash game involves doubling the bet until reaching a 2.0x multiplier and then exiting the round. For example, if you bet $1 and the multiplier reaches 2.0, your winnings will be $2, and you must take your winnings and exit the round. This strategy helps minimize the risk of losing money and make a profit by multiplying the bet. 

Be patient and win!

Medium risk strategy

The medium risk strategy in crash games involves increasing the bet as the multiplier increases, but not too aggressively in order to minimize potential losses. This strategy usually involves increasing the bet to a certain level (for example, up to x3 or x4), and then exiting the round. This helps to avoid overly risky strategies while maintaining the ability to achieve good winnings. 

High risk strategy

The high-risk strategy for the boldest players. The high-risk strategy in crash games, such as Lucky Jet, involves aggressively raising bets in hopes of a big win. Players using this strategy often increase their bet to significant amounts before the crash occurs. Increase the bet after each loss, and after a win, make the initial bet. This method allows you to recoup past losses. 

×1.1 Strategy

The ×1.1 strategy in crash games involves setting the bet at an odds of 1.1 on each round of the game. The player places a bet and when it is multiplied by 1.1x, the player takes their winnings and does not continue the current round. This strategy is conservative and involves a small increase in bets.

For example, if a player sets a bet of $1 and chooses an odds of 1.1, then in case of a win, they will receive $1.1, i.e., earn $0.1 (or 10% of the original bet). This strategy is focused on slow but steady bankroll growth.

Bankroll management tips

Before starting to play for real money, familiarize yourself with the tips for managing your bankroll during the Lucky Jet game:

  • Determining the bet size:

It is recommended to determine the bet size in accordance with your overall bankroll. It is usually recommended to bet no more than 1-2% of the total amount on each round.

Don't bet too much at once, even if you have big wins. It is important to rationally allocate risks.

  • Setting limits:

Set a loss limit. Predetermine the amount you are willing to lose in one gaming session and do not exceed it.

Also set a win limit. When your win reaches a certain amount, end the gaming session and withdraw your winnings.

  • Fixing profit:

When you win, it is important to know when to stop and not lose all the money won back in the game.

Develop a clear plan, once you reach a certain profit, stop and withdraw the winnings.

  • Discipline:

The most important thing in bankroll management is discipline. Try to stick to the established limits and not deviate from them, no matter how the game goes.

Don't make impulsive bets out of emotion. Always evaluate your actions rationally.

Additional tips and recommendations

Fear of losing due to lack of experience

If you don't want to risk your money and struggle to get started, familiarize yourself and try the demo version. You don't invest real money. Free play allows players to get to know the gameplay without risking their savings.

Explore the game and start your first flight with Lucky Joe!


Analyze your wins and losses in order to adjust your strategy in the future if necessary. Keep an eye on the game chat! This will help you analyze other players and their tactics.

Use the bonus offers of 1Win casino

1Win Casino offers pleasant bonuses and promotions that will help you increase your bankroll. Take advantage of them!

Study the rules of the games

Before playing for real money, familiarize yourself with the rules and strategies for the selected games to understand how to increase your winnings.

Manage your bankroll

Read again the tips we gave above.

Set yourself loss and win limits so as not to lose more than you can afford.


Where can you play Lucky Jet?

Enjoy Lucky Jet anywhere, be it your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Lucky Jet gives you the freedom to play at a time and place convenient for you. To start an exciting journey in Lucky Jet, it is enough to register an account on the 1Win casino website and replenish your game account. Make sure you have a stable internet connection.

How does the Lucky Jet slot work?

At the moment of cashing out the bet, Lucky Joe's flight will begin. Your multiplier will be randomly determined and applied to your bet.

After the flight ends, you will see your winnings, which will be equal to your initial bet multiplied by the multiplier.

What strategy is suitable for a beginner in the Lucky Jet crash game?

A beginner should enter the world of Lucky Jet gambling with a cool head, understanding that the game is based on luck. Although the outcome of the game is random, experienced players have found ways to increase their chances of success. We advise you to study the strategies, and before betting real money, fly in the demo version. This way you will understand the rules and be able to test different tactics without risk.